Magic teacher session


Last Monday we had a funny session of magic ……



Jack made some incredible magic tricks , we were astonished…!




Much better than having an usual English lesson, isn’t ?





Maybe JoseMi is a magic assistant ?    Who knows …..




Was it real magic ?     What do you think ?


Tell me your opinion about the show , please …..



Hippo joke  





Do you want to read a joke …. ?


Have you heard the one about the talking hippo …. ?


…… So a hippo walks into a bar on a hot day, sits down at a table and orders a large  glass of orange juice with ice. The waiter’s surprised to see a talking hippo but he gets it the glass of orange juice with ice anyway.

The waiter thinks the hippo knows nothing about money, and so, when the hippo gives him a five pound note, the waiter gives him just one pound in change.

-“I hope you enjoyed the orange juice,”- says the waiter-“we don’t often get hippopotamus in here .”

-“With orange juice at four pounds a glass,”-says the hippo,-“I’m not surprised.”